I have been working with Meredith since the beginning of 2015. When I first started seeing her, I had been using Wellbutrin daily for the last three years. At one of our sessions, Meredith mentioned that she felt there was a kind of anxiety in me underneath the surface that was not natural and she wondered if I was taking anything that might create this effect. I told her about the Wellbutrin and she suggested that with the deep energy work we were doing, maybe I didn’t need it. I am excited to say that she was correct. I have been off Wellbutrin for almost 6 months now and have been doing better than ever. It is very powerful to use the Reiki as a means of soothing my system and ridding myself of old, negative energy naturally. I don’t know that this would work for everyone, of course, but this has been such a positive, lasting development for me. I am so grateful to have found Meredith and for the compassionate, responsible, intuitive way she helped me make daily anxiety/ depression meds a thing of the past.”Emily W.

When I showed up for my first session with Meredith, I had just come of off two pretty tough years personally. I was obsessing over an ex-girlfriend and hoping a nasty situation with an ex-wife would just resolve itself. I had spent the previous years doing all kinds of spiritual work and had been focused for the months preceding my first visit with Mer on building self-love, the lack of which I felt was the root of the difficulties I kept running into. In hindsight, I clearly see that I had some serious blindspots that were holding me in an unhappy place and precluding me from actually loving myself. I reached that realization and received clear messages on what to do about it during my first session with Meredith and am a different, lighter, better person today.

I trusted Meredith and showed up fully for my session with her, not really knowing what to expect, and when I came to after about an hour, I felt like a different person. She told me at the end of that session that I could continue to explore other healing modalities, or to come see her periodically over time, but if I really wanted to get to the root of my issues and dissolve them, to come back once a week for five weeks straight. Thankfully, I chose the latter. She explained that, like an onion, each week, we would peel off another layer and that newly-exposed layer would be tender and may be uncomfortable; but if we kept going, each week we would be able to go deeper until finally we would reach the core. We did.

As we got closer to the core each week, my life began to change dramatically and, at times miraculously. Synchronistic events began to unfold more and more, and wonderful people and things poured into my life in ways I would have never imagined they would. I continue to see Meredith on a monthly basis now, but those first five weeks were without a doubt, a game changer.

I would give Meredith my highest recommendation. As I said, she changed me as a person for the better. Healing is not easy, but if you are willing to face your shadows and walk through the fire, there is no quicker way to get through to the other side that I am aware of, and no shepherd I would want to help navigate those waters than Meredith. She is magic. —Oliver G.

Since starting Reiki with Meredith, my entire life has changed in countless and miraculous ways. Honestly, the benefits I have received are now impossible to count or keep track of. Within two sessions, my chronic and viciously horrendous sciatica of TWO years completely went away. I am a dancer and have been dancing more intensely than ever before yet I no longer have any issues with this problem at all, and I have been seeing Meredith for almost 6 months now. Friendships have rekindled, my relationship with both of my parents has improved (seemingly out of nowhere as I hadn’t done anything specifically to change the course of our interactions). Money has dropped from unexpected places. My intuition is exponentially stronger. I have dropped about 15 pounds effortlessly. I moved into my dream apartment with my DREAM man (who is also seeing Meredith and seeing dramatic results). My energy, my happiness, my health, my mind and my spirituality have all drastically improved,and I feel a bigger connection between them all…moreso than ever before. I’ve been able to clean and KEEP clean both my house and car and get rid of ALL of my unnecessary things (something I have never, ever been able to do before). I also seem to be able to manifest anywhere from the smallest to the most remarkable of my desires, all the while everything unfolding perfectly like an enchanting puzzle, piece by piece.

Lastly, as I am trying only to stay on the topic of general things so as not to write a whole book, I have felt more ALIVE than I could ever possibly describe to you in words. I am beyond ecstatic and thankful to have found Meredith, and I relish in every chance I have to see her.  —Natasha S.

By raising my energy and drawing attention to my fears, Meredith was instrumental in helping me through one of the hardest phases of my life, one of prolonged stress and paralysing indecision. When I first went to receive reiki from her, I felt lost and scared, but when I left the future seemed instantly brighter, lit up, and no longer frightened me. I made the changes I needed to and have not looked back. I have since completed reiki levels 1 and 2 with Meredith and can vouch for her being as good a teacher as she is healer – as a group we spoke our truths, shared our joys, voiced our fears and experienced a palpable sense of renewal with the exercises she led. I now have some long term strategies for clearing my energy blockages at times of stress and I always know that, no matter where in the world she is, Meredith is only a Skype call away with positive energy. I have a lot to thank Meredith for. Healing really does seem to make her happy – and it does me too.Mina H. (London Reiki Level I & II )

Meredith Sloane has shared the wonderful gift of universal life force energy with me. Thank you Meredith. Her abilities as a teacher and healer are beyond just words. She has empowered me to access self-healing through intuitive Reiki energy healing, and has helped me to progress along my path to self discovery and continued personal growth. I highly recommend Meredith. An enlightened, powerful healer and teacher. Thank you thank you Mere, and I look forward to our next happy healing reunion!Emily S. (London Reiki Level I & II )

I had the good fortune to cross paths with Meredith while traveling. She immediately struck me as kind, wise, and tremendously generous with her time, thoughts, advice, and energy. About nine months later, Meredith and I teamed up to organize a reiki 1 course for four of my friends and myself. The five of us came into the course with varying degrees of skepticism about reiki, but we shared a common curiosity. Five hours later, we left with our spirits lifted, hands tingling, minds blown, and certainty that we had found a meaningful and effective mode of healing. So what happened in those five-ish hours? Meredith walked us through the principles of her reiki practice, answering all of our questions and concerns. She then helped us prepare for our reiki attunements by guiding us through meditation, and when we came out of our meditative stupors, we began to practice reiki, with Meredith’s help, on each other. When we were finished, we had few words to express our gratitude to Meredith for introducing such a powerful and beautiful healing force into our lives.Jonathan G (Boston Reiki Level 1 )

Perhaps human energy is not as measurable as the current commodities of energy that our society requires to fuel our many creature comforts. But anyone who works with Meredith Sloane can attest to feeling significant changes in both physical and emotional health, as well as shifts in energy flow and mental outlook.The energies that flow in, around and through us sometimes need redirecting, massaging or unplugging. With patience and compassion, Meredith guides both us and our energies to a healthier place of balance. She has helped me immensely to build up my energy to face the rigors of my work. But she’s also helped me release long-held emotional and energetic obstacles to a healthy romantic partnership. It amazes me to see and feel these changes in my life, but I am truly grateful to have such a capable and generous soul to show me that balancing these energies can bring such growth and joy. Healing truly does make me happy. Thanks, Mere! MC

Meredith has proved to be one of the most talented healers I have ever had the honor to work with. She has helped me shift blocks in my life – both emotional and physical and shows nothing but compassion, kindness and professionalism in her work. I could not recommend her enough! Thank you beautiful for all your work in the world…. —Skye B.

Meredith’s reiki treatments have changed my life. I’ve recommended her to friends from all walks of life: from professional athletes to a friend’s beloved dog. —Leba H.

Meredith is very important to me because she literally saved my life. Before I met her, I was depressed, working at a job i hated, suffering from panic attacks and drinking excessively. I was one step away from hitting rock bottom. Within 3 months of working with her on a weekly basis, my life changed completely. I quit drinking, quit taking antidepressants and stimulants to control my ADHD, and I started loving myself and opening my mind. She is a talented healer and spiritual guide. If you are ready for a positive change in your life, I highly recommend her. —MK

I am swearing by Reiki lately! It is helping to change my whole life around. It has given me refreshing new hope. In just a couple sessions, with the guidance of Meredith’s extraordinary talents, I have been able to start flushing out all that is in my way of achieving major goals, literally watching the positive successes happen. Reiki rocks! It’s the greatest thing I know…  —Joan F.

Meredith rocks! When I found Meredith and the healing joy of reiki I was tired and confused. After 41 years of navigating through today’s crazy, fast-paced world I was exhausted and had lost my inner compass, and even my voice. I needed healing, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. In my first session, Meredith released old, mental constructs and energy that blocked my inner-compass, and my true nature. She lifted a heaviness that I had carried for most of my life– the heaviness of not being good enough, feeling lonely, and feeling lost. With reiki I am still learning to let go and open my heart to see what my life can really be. My body is starting to heal. My voice is coming back. And for the first time I feel that I am not searching in the dark. I have never felt so good! —Lisa W.

I had my first session with Meredith in January 2009. I have seen her every few weeks since and have found my life to be easier and more peaceful. I have let go of a lot of suffering and tension, gained a lot of energy and healing, and most importantly insights that have impacted my life. —Heather S.

My reiki sessions with Meredith have been some of the most enlightening and healing experiences of my life. Her gentle and loving touch has helped me work through some of the most deep and challenging emotional blocks in my life. She provides a safe and loving environment to open your heart and just let go. I highly recommend this experience to anyone, it will truly help change your life. —Natalie A