Clear heavy energy in the body and raise your vibration so you create and attract more love, joy, abundance and happiness.

The session is a combination of Rainbow energy work, breathwork, sound healing and crystal energy healing. I work along energy lines as well as with the Chakras to help clear energy blocks, activate the bodies natural healing sources and restore physical and emotional health. I help and assist you in identifying and healing deeply rooted causes of physical and emotional stress and illness thus allowing you to release life long patterns that no longer serve you.

The goal of my work is to transform your life.

Your first appointment will be roughly an hour. The energy work is between 20-40mins. The sessions are not time based but energetic based and will depend on how much energy your body can handle and what it needs.. I work both above the body and touching various areas on the body. You are fully clothed. Each session is unique and specific to the client.