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Rainbow Healing

Year End Rainbow Healing
Dec 31st

New Rainbow Chakra  Course
Starting Jan 10

Group Rainbow Healing
Online Wednesdays and Sundays @11am

Learn how to protect your energy


Group Rainbow Healing
September @ Corazon in Topanga 

Past Events

Desert Daze Festival Rainbow Healing

Genius Loci Festival

Donation Based Rainbow Group Healing

Release fear and anxiety.  Strengthen the immune system while raising your vibration.  Feel the connection and energy of community in this donation based online Rainbow Healing. 

Rainbow Healer Meredith Sloane will take you through a powerful ONLINE group Rainbow Healing. She channels the vibration of color to clear and balance each chakra as we make our way chakra by chakra up the rainbow ladder.  The healing includes a powerful combination of breath work and energy channeling leaving you feeling cleared and restored.

These healings are donation based (minimum $20 donation).  Once you donate you will be let into the class from the waiting room.  If you are new please pay and arrive by 11am.  We will start the healing at 11:10 but there will be instruction for new people prior to starting.

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When:  Wednesdays & Sundays at 11am PST
Where: Healings are on Zoom: Click here at the time of the healing to enter
Cost: Minimum donation $20

Please donate prior to healing: 
Venmo: @Meredith-Sloane
Paypal (friends and family)

Also please check out instagram @rainbow_healing for additional days and times.