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Rainbow Chakra Course

Fall Course beginning Oct 3rd 



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If you want to change your life quickly and bring in better health, more wealth, love, joy, connection and abundance this is the program for you!!

This is an 8 week intensive CHAKRA program to create major positive shifts in your life!

You will get deeper into the chakras, and your patterning and be able to process and share with an intimate and supportive group. This can trigger other areas of awareness, expansion, growth AND CONNECTION. We will use the power of group energy to connect deeper and manifest bigger. Almost like a mini-retreat.


  • You may receive individual attention and coaching in a group setting
  • More personalized energy work than the large groups
  • Tools to transform your life and balance your own energy
  • Identify patterns you are unaware of
  • Clear old patterns that are running your life
  • Connect to your chakras: feel them, understand them, work with them
  • Become aware when your chakras are going out of balance
  • Learn tools to keep them in balance
  • Raise your vibration by letting go of heavy energy
  • Create more joy, love and abundance in your life with ease
  • Let go of fear, guilt, shame, sadness, anxiety, mind patterns
  • Create a strong life and energy foundation, more intimacy, stand in and cultivate your power, learn to manifest through intuition, clarity and your word, open your heart, strengthen relationships….and SO much more.


  • Chakra Teachings: 7 sessions
  • One full Rainbow Healing session
  • Group chakra and pattern coaching to help you identify unconscious patterns
  • PDFs for each of the chakras
  • Private chat group
  • Live zoom Energy Sessions: 8 sessions
  • “Take home” assignments each week


  • 2 month program (8 weeks)
  • Sunday Mornings 10am pst starting April 11, 2021
  • The classes are 2 hours per session



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