Rainbow Flower Essence


A Rainbow of vibration

RED: Pomegranate flower: creativity and feminity

ORANGE: Nasturtium: Moving intellect out of the head and into the heart; radiant vitality; glowing warmth; transmutation of intellect and emotions

YELLOW: Calendula: Healing warmth and receptivity, especially in the use of the spoken word and in dialogue with others

GREEN: Arugula Leaf: Allows the psyche to connect in with Soul, bringing Light to the heart.

BLUE: Borage: Relieves the sensation of heaviness–whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual.

PURPLE: Sweet Pea:  Finding the place in the world where we feel we belong, our true home.

VIOLET: Lavender: Washes one’s energetic field, and soothes and heals a shattered soul force when mental and spiritual properties have become overly burdened.

Ingredients:  Handmade with love:  Flower’s above, brandy, spring water, sunshine.
2oz of Rainbow Flower essence

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