Aura Cleanser


This magical aura cleanser (2oz bottle) is an alchemically blended formula containing 6 Essential Oils, 35 Flower Essences, and 12 Gem Essences. It is lovingly hand made in small batches in a 7 step process, from the highest quality ingredients. It is energetically charged to seek out & clear negative energies and blocks from your aura and physical spaces. It works equally effectively in your personal energy field (aura), home, office, classroom, healing room, or with your family, pets, crystals, personal items, or sacred tools. Because the Aura Cleanser also renews energy connections, rebuilds joy, and rebalances after cleansing, using it is a delightfully renewing and uplifting experience.  The lightness and joy it brings can be very addictive.  My pet name for it is spiritual crack.


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