One fine day this spring, I found myself sitting with a Rose.  I had never particularly been a huge fan of roses.  They were beautiful but I always felt they were over hyped and I never connected on a heart level.  I know they are the highest vibrational flower but even as an energy person, I still was never called.

I was walking through the garden and a beautiful pink rose bursting with sensuality called me forward and asked me to sit.  I introduced myself and we got to talking…

She told me she would guide me in love and further open my heart.  In fact she said, “When you forget the vibration of love, I will remind you.  I will lead you home to your heart.  My medicine is love with healthy boundaries, my medicine is unabashed beauty.”  As my heart was bursting with love and connection,  I asked her if I could make a flower essence from her so I could always stay connected to the vibration of love and be able to also offer her medicine to others.  She agreed with generosity and the love she is know for.  I made a medicine with her bloom and thanked her for the beautiful vibrational teaching which i felt so much in my heart.

As I was walking away, I was called by a tree with beautiful white flowers. But It was crazy…immediately I had all this FEAR.  I was thinking… what if this plant is poisonous.  I didn’t trust myself or the tree.  For no reason really.  It was a fear of the unknown and a lack of trust in the universe and myself.  I watched my brain go through all these thoughts and laughed at myself but still couldn’t shake the feeling of fear in my body.  I left the tree and went and sat with a caledula flower…feeling comfortable because I was able to identify it.  She was already an allie.  But behind me the tree with the white flowers kept calling out…”come here…you are supposed to work with me.”  She was relentless and I decided to face my fear.

The minute I connected with her, it was a beautiful meditation.  I felt peace and purity.  She taught me to trust and let go of fear.  I felt the energy of expansion and returned once again to my heart.  I laughed that I was so willing to dismiss something because of fear.  It was a grand teaching.

I later found out the tree was an apricot tree which is in the Rose Family!!!! OF COURSE lol.   I cried with delight as the Rose was true to her word…“when you forget the vibration of love, I will remind you.  I will lead you home to your heart.”

If you are interested in working with either of these flower essences, they are available here.