Not in Los Angeles?  Not to worry!  I do online sessions via Skype.  I can move energy from anywhere. People are often amazed at the amount of sensation and movement they can feel in the body from an online session and the life changes resulting.  It is tangible.

Feeling skeptical?  Try it out.  I promise you, you will feel the energy moving through your body or your money back!


Here’s what online clients have to say:

“I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and I had the pleasure of having my first session with Meredith while visiting California in May of 2017. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the healing power of energy, or that the gifts Meredith possesses even existed. At the end of my first session I recall feeling disappointed knowing she was located on the other side of the country. Meredith explained that she treats clients around the world via Skype, and that being in the same room isn’t necessary when dealing with energy. I was very skeptical but wanted to continue my work with her. To my amazement, not only were the sessions just as effective, but they have forever changed my life. Seven months later I am still doing online sessions with her and the healing power continues to escalate. There aren’t enough words to thank her and I will be eternally grateful to have met her on my journey. I have recommended Meredith to several of my local friends who have had similar, extremely positive results doing sessions online. The proof is in the healing power of the energy!”  Ronnie-Fort Lauderdale, FL

“I decided to do six sessions with Meredith remotely. She being in California and me in Toronto. I was hesitant at first and wondered if it would be as powerful as it was in person. I can say that after doing my first of 6 sessions with her I had no doubt in her abilities. It was as if she was in the same room with me. I immediately felt different.” Andrea- Toronto

“My online sessions with Meredith have been one of the best, most powerful, self loving gifts I could’ve ever given myself. Working with her has reenergized many stagnant areas in my life, and I couldn’t be more pleased or grateful.” Jessica- New York

“Meredith is amazing! My life completely changed in miraculous ways, even after my first session. When I first started seeing her almost two years ago I was in a relationship that was going nowhere and I was depressed. She helped me shift my energy and mental outlook in amazing ways. All of my relationships, both personal and professional, have been helped from this work. I am now in a new healthy relationship that is quickly progressing… in fact I moved in with my boyfriend and now have my reiki treatments via Skype since I’m further away. Although I was nervous about not getting all of the benefits of an in-person session I found that I am still left with the same sense of being refreshed as she gets my energy flowing. I cannot recommend Meredith enough! She is an amazing healer, either in person or by Skype! Thank you Meredith!” Marianne- Los Angeles